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Brokerage Services

A variety of brokerage services are offered through our Financial Advisors. From our in-depth equity research department covering over 300 equities to our established corporate and municipal fixed income trading desks, we can accommodate your needs. We also provide the full range of mutual funds, exchange traded funds and unit investment trusts. Additionally, we offer some alternative investments and private placements.


We understand the important role that quality research plays in the equity selection process, and we seek to differentiate ourselves through originality of perspectives, depth of insight, and our ability to uncover industry trends.

Our research group uses a highly disciplined analysis focused on intrinsic value, which we developed to critically examine the capital structure of the companies we cover, as well as their competitive positions and the growth opportunities within their industries.

Call your Sterne Agee Financial Advisor today to access our progressive equity research advantages.


Fixed Income

Our broad fixed income product expertise, coupled with the complementary strength of our distribution system, allows us to offer a wide range of comprehensive fixed income products and services. We are very proud of our ability to offer top-notch execution in all market conditions. Accordingly, we provide access to investment products that focus on the unique needs of our clients who need help evaluating the Treasury, Agency, Corporate and Municipal Markets.

Your Sterne Agee Financial Advisor is uniquely positioned to help you make sound fixed income investment choices through the professional leverage provided by our Institutional Fixed Income Group.


Mutual Funds

Sterne Agee provides you with a full selection of mutual funds. We work closely with the financial industry's leading mutual fund companies to give you access to approximately 370 fund families and 15,000 individual funds.


Exchange Traded Funds

An Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) is much like a mutual fund but trades like a stock. Unlike a mutual fund, which has its net-asset value calculated at the end of each trading day, an ETF's price changes throughout the day, fluctuating with supply and demand. ETFs tend to be passively managed, which can generally result in investors saving on management fees. ETFs can offer diversification as many are designed and managed to track different types of broad financial (i.e. the S&P 500) or sector (i.e. Dow Jones U.S. Oil and Gas Index) indices.


Unit Investment Trusts

A Unit Investment Trust (UIT) is a registered investment company that generally purchases a fixed portfolio of stocks, bonds, or other assets that is intended to be held static throughout the life of the UIT. Investors, or unitholders, purchase units of the trust, which represent an undivided ownership in the entire portfolio. Investors typically pay initial and deferred sales charges. Unit investment trusts have stated maturities that generally range from 13 months to as many as 30 years, depending on the type of holdings in the portfolio. Unitholders have different options when these trusts mature, including taking the proceeds in cash or reinvesting into another trust.

UITs invest for various risk levels and invest in both equity and fixed income portfolios. Some of the benefits of UITs include the professionally selected portfolios that are researched thoroughly prior to purchase and then left constant, thereby minimizing oversight.